Bansuri Q & A

Where you find answers to real questions students have about bansuri.

In this series, Dr. Kerry Kriger will answer your questions about bansuri, the bamboo flute of northern India.

Course Curriculum

Here are the videos included in the course and more are added regularly...

  • 01
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    • Introduction To Bansuri Q & A
    • The 7th Hole On Bansuri
    • Practicing With Tanpura
    • Your Daily Bansuri Practice
    • Should I Learn Ragas?
    • How To Play In Rhythm
    • How To Play Fast
    • How To Determine The Notes
    • Do I Need A Guru?
    • How To Reach The 7th Hole
    • Bansuri Tuning And 440Hz
    • Is Your Bansuri Tuned Correctly?
    • How To Play The High Notes
    • How To Improvise
    • Harmony, Melody & Rhythm
    • How To Tune Your Digital Tanpura
    • How To Cover The 6th Hole
    • The 8th Hole On Bansuri
    • The Most Popular Scales In Indian Music
    • A Bansuri Made Of PVC?
    • The Difference Between Scale And Raga
  • 02
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    • Western Classical Versus North Indian Classical Music
    • How To Make Time To Practice
    • How To Practice Music When You Have Neighbors
    • How To Play Two Notes In A Row On Bansuri
    • How To Learn What Teental Sounds Like